Episode 116 - Bert's Insulin

This week the boys talk about what video games they've been playing, what podcasts they've been listening to and other such things that take up their time. When they move on to MTG they discuss a variety of different decks spanning several formats and Knife answers the call to Hot Sauce's challenge of building a budget EDH deck. Stick around until the end to hear how the true beginning of the episode starts.

Episode 115 - Maro, Maro, MARO

This week the boys can't really remember what happened over the past month or so but they are up to their old shenanigans again. Not only are there some thought provoking conversation to be had but this is also their Hour of Devastation set review episode. Right? That's what the other podcasts call it? Whatever, stick around until the end to find out what happen to Knife's sleeves!

Episode 114 - The Late Conspiracy Part 3

Nothing is making sense anymore! These episodes are like weeks late and frankly I'd like to find out who is respon..........*hhhhmmmm* *hhmmmppphh* *hhhmmmmppphhh* *THUD*.

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Episode 113 - The Late Conspiracy Part 2

The mystery goes on! Why isn't Knife in this episode? Is he the one behind the episodes being late? Or did he get too close to the truth and someone shut him up? Listen to this Sauce and Crow filled episode until the end to find out.

Episode 112 - The Late Conspiracy Part 1

What happened to the cast? Why are the episodes so delayed? Are the guys caught in some sort of temporal time rift? Will they ever catch back up? Stick around until the end to find out the answer to these questions and more!

Episode 111 - Better Late Than Marvel

This week the guys talk video games, MTG news, and leaked cards. Stick around until the end to find out if you are a sicko or not.

Episode 110 - Baby Magic

This week, after the boys run down their weeks, they discuss Pro Tour Aether Revolt, Standard, finance, behind the scenes moves by WotC and Knife walks us through his Kefnet control deck. Stick around until the end to hear Sauces new favorite band.

Episode 109 - Stingrays and Corndogs

This week we are down to two and a half hosts. The 2.5 guys talk about Iconic Masters, Standard, Modern, finance and where exactly the center is on a corndog. Stick around until the end to hear the death rattle of the Red Falcon.

Episode 108 - WotC is Always Watching

This week we are down to two hosts. Knife and Crow review what they talked about last week since they had another botched episode. They also discuss the Amonkhet pre-release, the ridiculous emergency ban and its repercussions, and Knife talks about his list that finally makes zombies decent in Standard. Stick around until the end to find out what song we were listening to when we made out with your sister in Jr High.

Episode 107 - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

This week the guys talk about popular culture, media and games. Once it's Magic time they talk about Amonkhet spoilers. Stick around until the end to hear the sweet yet stinky serenade.

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